March 24, 2006: The bird flu / vogelgrippe vehicle with the high cockle sound from inside stays exactly in front of Kunst Werke on the day of the opening of the Berlin Biennale:
the project is underlined as special event by the Biennale and is enclosed into its list of connected events.


The incredible/strange/wired coincidence:
just on March 25, on the day after the presence of the Bird Flu vehicle in the city there was on the covers of all media the news about
the first case of "Vogelgrippe" in Berlin.

This is the unbelievable encounter between art and real daily life!


Maurizio Cattelan, one of the three curators of the Biennale, stays in front of the cockling vehicle.

People choose the viral badges in the court of Kunst Werke,
but also the Tyroler midgets - the little performers involved by Katarzyna Kozyra - love them.

The German Tv Deutsche Welle is shooting the bird flu truck for a reportage about the Berlin Biennale.

In Berlin the vehicle turns around the Siegessaule column with the angel in front of the Brandenburger Tor, symbols of past influences.


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